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Role Preparation
& Acting Coaching 
For Opera Performers

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Role Preparation 
Online Workshop

Saturdays, 10-12p PST
April 8, 15, & 22

Saturdays, 10-12p PST
May 6, 13 & 20

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Online Workshop Details

This first pilot program will be offered at a reduced rate in exchange for feedback on the curriculum.

We're going to take 3 different looks at role preparation: for the audition, for a full role and for the concert stage. Why? They're really 3 different techniques of presentation. And you first have to audition for the role you want! 

Before the workshop, you'll choose 1 role that you currently audition with (or at least plan to soon!). You'll submit information on the aria and your reason for choosing it so that the live portions of the workshop can be more relevant for each participant. While this will not focus on the singing, have your accompaniment recorded and send the sheet music and your lyric translations in advance of the first live session.  

Week 1: Auditions
*Live (and recorded) webinar on the concept of role preparation as an actor & how to apply that to the audition specifically. You will do activities during each session including working on the first beat of the aria and working in break out rooms with other participants for improvisation and brainstorming.
*You'll work on 1 audition piece that's in from your role and answer a series of questions you'll get throughout the week. 

Week 2: Full Roles
*Live (and recorded) webinar on the concept of role preparation as an actor for the full performance. How to prepare prior to the first rehearsal and continue developing during the rehearsals. How to create a character to apply to different production concepts. 

*Throughout the week, you'll receive 'homework' on your role to complete. 

Week 3: Roles in Concert

*Live (and recorded) webinar focused on bringing roles to life in a concert setting. Whether it's a full role or selections from operas, and even art songs, the presentation technique is different. We'll cover how to meld discoveries from the "full" role prep into the more streamlined concert stage. 




My Story

I started as an actor and found my way into opera. Even though I still do theater & voice over, I have done over 30 operatic roles and helped to create 4 roles with the composers of new operas. I love approaching my work from an acting perspective to deepen my connection to the character, making it much easier to make creative choices in my musical preparation and bring something unique to the first rehearsal or the audition room. 

Training includes National Theater Institute, the Chekov Institute, Arizona State University, Independent Shakespeare Company, Upright Citizens Brigade.



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