Well Organized Closet

What feeling do you want have when you walk into your home? Peace? Joy? Simplicity?

You’ll feel that…for about a day after you get totally organized!

My goal is to help you streamline, find a place that you’re likely to put things back in and help you get your home in order. We can start as simply as you need- closet refresh, garage organization, that drawer that’s become a wasteland, the whole house from top to bottom.

I offer a free FaceTime or Skype consultation to get a preliminary idea of what you’re in need of & generate an initial plan/cost estimate for your first session and overall goal.

Neat Computer Desk

Whether you're moving into a new office or need to shake things up for some better energy, we'll come up with a plan that serves your team's needs. 

I have overseen the development of Warner Music Group's database for film/tv music placement. I'm a consultant for Radiusbob, CRM built for insurance agent. I also do the training videos for Radiusbob. I have organized the music library for Rhino Records. I'm currently working on digitizing and installing a sheet music library.

Help with Cooking

I provide organizational assistance to people who are ill and to their loved ones who are helping them. For this service, I will work only with the person who is ill , and if they are in need of additional assistance,  I require that their power of attorney or estate executor approve my quote & work in order to alleviate any family concerns.


I have been inspired by the control my godmother got back during her illness by labeling who was to get what when she passed. She was barely able to speak, yet was able to care for her family in such a meaningful way. I have also had to manage 2 estates for family members and know how overwhelming, emotional & challenging of a process it is. My goal is to bring empowerment & security in this vulnerable time. 


Requests to sell or donate any property will only be completed once approved by the hiring client (primary person or executor). 

Moving Boxes

Getting organized before a move can be overwhelming! I can assist you in sorting what you need to keep, what you need to let go of, and how to get organized for your move. No closet is too stuffed, no stack of paperwork is too high, no amount of Grandmother’s tea spoon collection is too wide.

We’ll pack away items as we sort, making the move day much more smooth. I can assist you with purchasing packaging supplies and help you on move day.

Once you’ve moved into your new space, start with an organized home. I can recommend and/or purchase storage solutions, keepsake displays, furniture layout, and get what’s stuffed into those boxes to their rightful home.

Quiet Desk

Need your documents more organized? Have you not looked through that stack of family videos & photos since Super 8 was around? 

Get your digital life in order. Together, we'll develop an organizational strategy for your computers and mobile devices. Photos & videos may require a third party digitization service, but we'll go through your options.


I love a challenge! Whatcha got for me?

I have done costume kit moves, sheet music digitization and music room set up, storage for people moving out of town temporarily and more.