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I'm a consultant for digital UX strategy & automations.  I focus primarily on small businesses who are looking for more efficient systems workflows. I then create training videos, articles & live sessions for their employees know how to most effectively use the programs & workflows put into place. 

I also do UX and overall website design for companies like Warner Music Group, Le Petit Greek, Greek Eats, and performers websites. 

From LinkedIn:

Danielle Bond is the dynamic founder of ByBond, LLC, a creative strategy and organizational service company based in LA.

A lifelong problem-solver, Danielle’s keen ability to offer creative and strategic solutions was always utilized by work & volunteering. Her talent was more formally recognized, however, during her time as Director of Soundtracks & Music at Warner Music Group, where she spearheaded and built a pivotal music supervision database: intricate metadata & UX design for supervisors to search for the right music, publishing data, get music on demand & request licenses. That lead her to develop herself as a UX Strategist and Designer for Radius (CRM), United Insurance Solutions, Le Petit Greek and its sister restaurant Greek Eats, Santos Medical and more.

As evidenced by her Grammy Award as part of a cast ensemble for her singing, to notable charitable endeavors as a volunteer organizer with SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition, Danielle is no stranger to teamwork. Danielle, and by close extension, ByBond, thrives at helping organizations achieve peak performance through her own skillful and systematic project management system.

When she began creating software training videos, her organizational, creative and problem solving skills came together. With her proven knack to problem-solve and tease out solutions from seemingly insurmountable obstacles, ByBond’s consulting and wide-spectrum planning is now used for clients in industries ranging from entertainment to technology to advocacy.

ByBond has a proven track record of problem solving and creatively addressing unique wireframes that give clients invaluable insights and user experiences that solve common problems of more standard programs. Interdisciplinary communication disconnect? ByBond provides unparalleled services like creating a common language between the consumer, digital developer & organization.

ByBond thoughtfully manages data, people and expectations. What does this mean for your business? ByBond will create and implement an organizational system that will become a constant workflow. And through training videos, teams will benefit from easy strategy that establishes best practices for years to come. 

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