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“I am SO thankful I hired Danielle to help me organize a spare room, which had basically turned into a storage closet! The whole project felt daunting, and I put it off for months. Once she arrived at my house, we started working quickly, which I appreciated - no time wasted with planning what to do or how to do it. Danielle was incredibly easy to work with, and it was truly enjoyable experience. I appreciate her relaxed demeanor with this kind of task that usually overwhelms me so much! Thanks again!”

-Rachel G.

"After living in the same home for almost 30 years, the task of moving seemed overwhelming.  Danielle’s focused energy not only helped me in making smart decisions about what to keep, donate or recycle...  but she also helped me organize everything in a well thought out way.  I now know where everything is.  I’m looking forward to her digitizing and organizing my music library next."

-Reid B. 

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