WHEN LESS REALLY IS MORE...but you still need stuff!

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

As an organizer, there is nothing like the feel of a clean, tidy space. Ahhh...the simplicity of a delicate orchid on an elegant tripod stand in just the right location of your immaculate living room, which no one must actually live in!

“A life worth living generally involves some messes.”

I love Marie Kondo's method, her TV show & innate charm, but I am not a minimalist. I appreciate minimalism. I admire minimalism. I can help you achieve minimalism. But it is not at the core of what I do. Organizing to me is about how you're going to live in your home. And let's be honest, a life worth living generally involves some messes.

Finding Your Flow

For me, my organization journey began with a book called "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" by Karen Rauch Carter. It's a super fun dive into Feng Shui. Again, not Feng Shui for the purpose of minimalism, but rather for the purpose of intention. And you don't need to buy a single new thing to organize with intention. It's about creating a space of reminders of what you want to celebrate & welcome more of in your life.

I like to take that concept a step further. How can you make those reminders functional as well as decorative? I have a gorgeous tramp art box made for my great Grandmother by an admirer. I use it to store salt (I love to cook and have an assortment). If it was on a shelf as 'art' I wouldn't get to touch the beautiful carving or open it up to see her name, which I was also given (my full name is Danielle Marcelle Bond).

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